About Kronoa

Kronoa® aims to become a leader in the field of progressive cavity pumps and grinders, and has developed the product range PREMIUM, which distinguishes itself from other manufacturers and equipment on the market for its robust mechanics, ease of maintenance, customized solutions, and continuous and innovative development, demonstrating a technological leadership that is transferred to our main sectors, such as water treatment, biogas, waste, and industry.

We have a wide range of pumps, from hopper pumps with feeding screws to mixers, vertical submersible pumps, and the most common suction pumps. Our goal is to work with our customers to develop the best possible solutions in a timely manner, providing excellence in safety, reliability, customer service and value engineering techniques.

Designed, manufactured, and assembled in the EU with production facilities in Germany, France, and Spain, Kronoa® Premium Line screw pumps feature a compact design with a robust double row bearing support that accommodates an oil-lubricated mechanical seal. Power transmission is via a cardan (or universal joint) with needle bearings, and as a hydraulic design, we have chosen rotor / stator geometries with large solids passage and high wear resistance.

The design of the unit has also been optimized to reduce the time required to carry out maintenance operations, with a system for rapid disassembly, and with a fully standardized IEC motor-reducer drive that not only speeds up these operations, but also guarantees the replacement of these components at market prices. Kronoa®, manufactured in the European Union, is proud to offer a product of great mechanical strength, high reliability, and minimal maintenance costs.

Kronoa strives to help you make the most of your production time. It is not for nothing that Kronoa is the first choice in a variety of areas.

Green Future. Green Heart. Think Green.

Our values

A company’s values are the goals that guide its employees’ attitudes and connect them to its common goals. Moreover, these values are the ultimate expression of a company’s mission.

These are the characteristics of our company, which we summarize in a simple and concise form in order to communicate to our own customers and third parties the path we have chosen as founders or managers.

Here are some really positive aspects that we try to have, implement, promote, and communicate in our company:


Create a strong and robust organizational culture.


Transparency, sincerity, and frankness.


We must take into consideration the times of our customers and suppliers, delivery times and invoice payments.


Few things attract more customers than seeing people who enjoy what they do. Therefore, having passion as the value of a company, will serve to create and keep emotionality at the top and transmit that motivation to the outside.


We can only be better if the best is demanded.


Team management emerges as an important need in corporate environments where tolerance, respect, admiration, and consideration are the priorities.
Encourage staff to help with company goals.
Achieve low staff turnover.
Avoid differences of opinion among workers.

Customer Orientation

We strive to rethink our value proposition to fit our customer’s needs. The customer is the core of Kronoa.
Build trust and credibility with customers, suppliers, employees, and so on.

Social responsibility

Quality of life of our workers

Problem solving

When we enter the corporate world it is best to eliminate the belief that a perfect scenario can be built, without any problems. This is impossible, because in the attempt to grow and improve, there are limitations that the company must overcome. That’s why the value of problem solving is so important. We must always encourage thought that is solution-oriented, thereby avoiding the waste of time in finding fault or regretting what did not work. Meetings, spaces for dialog and solutions and the application of a methodology that looks for improvement and into the root of each problem.

Kronoa® is committed to manufacturing the best energy-efficient pumps. We also strive for quality, to offer the best product to our customers with low maintenance cost. Our ultimate goal is to provide customer satisfaction and establish the brand internationally.

Our goal is to work collaboratively with our customers to create the best possible solutions on time, providing excellence in security, reliability, customer service and value engineering.

Main Team


Product Manager
(PC pumps)

Juan Carlos





International Sales


After Sales





Quality controls

Kronoa® subjects all its products and components to strict quality control. This requires the commitment of the different departments of the company. Only in this way is it possible to constantly improve the development, design, and manufacture of the product.

The control techniques consist of the inspection of the first part, the detailed testing of various components in our test bench and the final testing of the finished product, which guarantee optimal performance.

In addition, these quality tests are incorporated into every stage of the manufacturing process. This allows us to determine where a production problem occurs and what corrective action is needed to avoid it in the future.

All our devices are supplied with a quality control declaration in accordance with Annex II 1B of Directive 2006/42/ EC.

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