Premium mechanical features

Double ball bearing support resistance Cardan transmission IEC standard drive Oil-lubricated mechanical seal Hydraulic design with high solid passage and wear resistance

Hydraulic design with high solid passage and wear resistance

The rotor and stator geometry of this pump series ensures high solid passage, which together with a low rotational speed contributes to a very high efficiency and durability compared to other designs on the market.

Cardan transmission

As a power transmission system, our units have a universal joint (cardan) design with grease-lubricated needle roller bearings. It is a system with high mechanical strength that is completely maintenance-free.

Thanks to the large diameter, it is difficult for hairs and fibres to get tangled and clog the unit’s housing. This transmission is protected and insulated from the medium to be pumped by a rubber sleeve with internal textile reinforcement.

mechanical seal

In the Premium series pumps, the sealing system is based on an oil-lubricated cartridge mechanical seal.

The sealing surfaces are bathed in a clean, lubricating liquid and have no external springs, unlike conventional seals which are lubricated by the pumped liquid.

Double ball bearing
support resistance

During operation, axial and radial loads are generated and transmitted to the bearings in the reducer, causing fatigue and damage to the internal gears.

To prevent this, all our Premium Series pumps are equipped with a robust double ball bearing support that absorbs the forces generated and protects the reducer from this excessive load.

Quick Disassembly
System (EDS)

We have placed 4 inspection ports located on the sides of the unit to facilitate cleaning in case of clogging or to check the internal condition of the components.

These ports also allow access to the transmission pins, making maintenance easier and more economical.

In addition, the pump has a lock system that prevents the shaft from rotating, avoiding possible incidents during disassembly.

IEC standard drive

Unlike monobloc pumps, our connection system between the pump and reducer is made using an IEC standardized flange and keyway, allowing greater flexibility and cost reduction in the event that replacement is required.

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