4 essential tips for selecting pumps for shear-sensitive products

When it comes to selecting pumps for shear-sensitive products, ensuring optimal performance while maintaining product integrity is paramount. Here are four essential tips to consider:

1. Fluid-compatibility with pump build materials

Selecting the right build materials for the pump that align with the nature of the pumped fluid is crucial. Different fluids require specific build materials to avoid premature failures and clogging issues. Pumps designed for less viscous fluids may struggle when handling particles or abrasives, potentially compromising operational efficiency and product integrity. 

2. Understanding optimal operating parameters

Understanding the pump’s optimal operating parameters through performance and efficiency curves is essential. Running the pump within its efficiency points prevents inefficiencies like recirculation, high internal temperatures, and excessive vibration. By adhering to these parameters, operators can avoid issues that might compromise the pump’s performance when handling shear-sensitive liquids, ensuring smoother operations.

3. Importance of proper alignment

Maintaining proper alignment is crucial for a pump’s efficiency when handling shear-sensitive materials. Misalignment not only decreases efficiency but also induces excessive vibrations, potentially impacting other critical system components. Operating the pump at correct specifications not only ensures efficiency but also reduces energy consumption. Regular checks and alignments are necessary to maintain the pump’s effectiveness when handling shear-sensitive products.

4. Collaborate with specialized pump manufacturers in shear-sensitive products

Collaborating with pump manufacturers specializing in shear-sensitive substances is essential. These manufacturers possess in-depth knowledge and expertise in designing pumps specifically tailored for handling such materials. At Kronoa, we are a biogas pump manufacturer with over 25 years of specialization in the sector, our extensive experience and dedication to innovation have resulted in robust pump technologies. Kronoa stands out as an exemplary choice in this regard, offering reliability and precision in handling shear-sensitive substances.

Kronoa® is committed to redefining excellence in progressive cavity pumps and grinders. We deliver world-class products for various sectors, including water treatment, biogas, waste management, and industry. Our innovative product range, featuring premium biogas pumps, reflects our commitment to robust mechanics, easy maintenance, customized solutions, and innovation. This dedication to technological leadership is evident in all aspects of our work.

Furthermore, Kronoa® is dedicated to producing top-notch, energy-efficient pumps while ensuring the highest quality standards and keeping maintenance costs to a minimum. Our primary objective revolves around achieving customer satisfaction and securing the brand’s global recognition.

Making informed decisions for efficient handling of shear-sensitive materials

Implementing these four tips—ensuring fluid-compatibility with pump build materials, understanding optimal operating parameters, maintaining proper alignment, and collaborating with specialized pump manufacturers—will significantly contribute to selecting the perfect pump for shear-sensitive products. This proactive approach not only enhances operational efficiency but also maintains product integrity, crucial in industries such as biogas production for a sustainable and greener future.

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