Various strategies to prolong the life of your pump

Prolong the life of your pumps by always being aware of the fluids you are pumping. Different applications demand specific build materials to maintain operational and product integrity. Pumping particles or abrasives through a pump designed for less viscous fluids can lead to clogging and premature part failure.

Always run the pump while keeping in mind its optimal efficiency points and observe the curves (both performance and efficiency ones). They will provide you with the pump’s optimal operating parameters. By doing this, inefficiencies like recirculation, high internal temperatures, and excessive vibration can be avoided.

When a pump is misaligned, its efficiency decreases. Additionally, it may result in excessive vibration, which may cause issues with other important system parts. Operating at the correct specs also requires more energy at the same time.

Select the appropriate sealing system for PC pumps

Seal face damage equals pump failure.

Keeping the device serviced helps your pump last longer. All too frequently, we see a lack of fundamental preventive maintenance, such as routine cleaning, adequate lubrication, and pump inspections (Kronoa pumps have got four large cover plates that give you access to the inside).

Your pump will definitely be ruined if there are excessive vibrations while it is operating. These vibrations might be generated by a bent shaft, unbalanced rotational components, misalignment, or overuse, among other things. Thus, keep an eye on vibrations.

The longevity of the pump will also be impacted by inadequate lubrication. Thus, examine the lubricant levels.

It harms internal components to run a pump dry. The internal pumping components, such as the rotor, stator, gears, casings, seals, and bearings, suffer catastrophic damage as a result of cavitation.

Installing safety and control devices on the pumps and system is something we at Kronoa advise doing to make sure the pump shuts off right away when the pumping operation is over or if there is no fluid at the pump source or suction.

If you need advice on which pump is best for your application, do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts at Kronoa will help you and solve any doubts or problems.

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